A blog by any other name?

Congratulations, you are a triathlete (or aspire to be one) and you deserve to imply exactly how much better you are than normal non-triathlete people. The next step is simple. You need to write your own blog documenting those arduous workouts and triumphant races. Don’t worry, you are interesting enough to fill the pages (or screen I guess) with stories about number 1. Yes, that’s right, you are number 1. Let’s get started.

Before you can start typing out those race reports and workouts you need to come up with a name for your blog. This requires careful consideration; basically consider it as important as naming your baby.
Here are a few tips to naming your new triathlon blog.

1. Hopefully obvious enough is the need to include the word :tri. Here’s where it gets tricky; it needs to be placed in a playful pun referring to both “trying” to do something and “TRIathlon”. Get it? No? Here are a few examples to get you started. “Tri-ing to be a better me”, “Those that can’t do TRI” “TRI-hard” “Simply TRI-ing” “Do or Do not, there is no TRI” Oh, wait I guess that one isn’t all that good, but you get the idea.

2. Another option is to use a portion of the sport as your title. As there are so many aspects to the sport of triathlon, you have many to choose from. You could break out you favorite part of the race, which is obviously the part you are best at, and use that in your title. “Front crawling over hot coals” is cute for a swimmer. “Bicycle built for one” could work for the cyclist. “Running down a dream” is an obvious choice for the runner. All of these are fine choices, however, the one portion of the triathlon that makes it unique and really should be acknowledged: the transition. “Transitioning from good to great” “Lost in transition” “Life in transition”. You could even get really nerdy and know that transition refers to a physical stage of a molecule and include that in your name. That is beyond the scope of this blog.

3. I’m sure there are a select group of you that think that your move into triathlete was “off the couch”. This is also a great stepping off point for your blog name. “Off the couch and into transition” “TRI-ing to get off the couch” “couch potato turned to tri”

4. As mentioned above, naming your blog is as important as naming your baby. So why not call both after, you guessed it, #1. Simply name your blog after yourself. There are some big advantages to naming it after yourself. It’s easy to remember for one. If you do happen to be better than most people, it’s handy for when you turn pro. And, when you get mad at it you can yell at it with it’s middle name because you’ll know it. It’s not recommended, however, if you name happens to be Adolf, Dick, or Gaylord.

5. The final tip for naming your blog is the combo name. You might have noticed a few in the above tips.”Beverly is “TRI-ing to get off the couch and into transition” These are very clever and probably best left to experienced bloggers or those bloggers that have multiple blogs because they only thought of it after they had already started a blog.

So there you go. Plenty of tips to get going and start your own blog. What names did you come up with? (insert Reading Rainbow type music here to show viewer participation).



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