I don’t suck.

I’ve been thinking all week about what my next post should be.  I considered a few more jabs at some of the cheesy tri-blogs out there, but I have plenty of time to do that.  Instead, I think I’ll tell you more about myself.  I don’t want to be one of those people that hide behind an anonymous persona so that I can make fun of others.  I’ll just make fun of others out in the open.

My name is Liz.  My last name is shared with a bunch of fictitious vampires or, if you are not a teenage girl, with a man running for the Canadian NDP party (did he lose? Not sure, I don’t really follow politics).  I guess that just told you something else about me; I’m Canadian.  Canada rocks, but I might dedicate and entire post to that one day.  As I mention in my “Who” page, I consider myself a triathlete.  No, I’m not a pro, but I don’t totally suck either.

Let’s pause there for a moment.  Why is it that it’s so hard to call yourself a triathlete if you don’t do it professionally?  Runners are still runners, swimmers are still swimmers.  Amateur triathletes are called “age-groupers” or they just say “I do triathlon.” Perhaps it’s the “lete” part of the word; it sounds too “elite”.  Or maybe it’s because triathlete isn’t really a word.  I know this because everywhere I have written that on this page is now underlined in squiggly red.  Am I spelling it wrong? Don’t think so.

Right so anyways, I don’t totally suck.  If you are internet savvy, you have already looked up my name to view some previous race results.  If you haven’t done that yet, feel free.  I’ll wait. …

I wasn’t always so confident about my lack of sucking.  I had a coach once that used to say there are naturals and there are grinders.  I fall into the latter.  The former refers to those really annoying people that get off the couch, decide to run a 10k and do it in 42 minutes without ever putting on a pair of running shoes before race day.  People might say that Chrissie Wellington is one of these “natural” athletes.  I think she has won almost every event she’s ever been in.  Bitch*.  We grinders aren’t big fans of these people at times, especially when they say things like “oh, I didn’t think it was that hard”, or “oh, is a 3:12 marathon good? I had no idea.”.  We grinders started out with 60 min 10ks, 5 hour marathons, 6 hour half irons and long days of being at the back of the pack.  But grinders do just that, we grind.  We start in the middle of the pack or even the back of the pack. We watch seconds tick off our personal bests, not minutes.  We show up for work outs day in and day out and sometimes it finally all comes together.  One day you look around and you’re actually racing, not just participating.  Ha zaa! Look out! I am grinding my way to the front.

I had one of those “breakthrough” seasons last year.  Every time I stepped onto the race course a new personal best was achieved.  I found myself on a podium more than once and surprised almost everyone I had previously raced or trained with.  It can be done.  Keep grinding.  You can prove yourself.

This year is going to be harder, but with a sense of humor and some more grinding who knows what I’ll achieve this year.

Hey, look at that.  My post turned into an inspirational speech about the long road of training.  I’ll tell you more about myself next time or maybe I’ll continue my examination into triathlete blogs. My blog, I get to decide.  Happy grinding.


*Bitch is totally used here in the “OMG, I totally love that bitch” kind of way.  I think I would scream like a 15 year old Justin Bieber fan if I ever get to meet her.


Me: not sucking.

The women staring at my butt are on a poster…too bad.


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