Don’t be a fun-sucker.

Is I just me or did the USADA accidentally use a urine sample in their breakfast cereal this week.   Seriously, way to suck the fun out of the 2012 triathlon season, it was just getting interesting.   Fun-suckers.

There are two types of people in this world: fun-suckers and fun-makers.

I try not to hang out with fun-suckers, but this sport seems to be full of them. Seriously, why do you need to take yourselves so seriously all the time?  I get it, you want to do your best, but would it kill you to have a little fun at the same time? Or at least smile once in a while?  You fun-suckers are the people that don’t let the fun-makers skateboard barefoot at 3am after 12 shots of tequila.  Like anything bad could happen.

When plagued with injuries that sidelined training this spring, my friends and I decided to make some fun out of the races we’d already spent money on.  You fun-sucking types probably would have just skipped the race in fear that the sub-optimal result would taint your averages on Athlinks.  Heaven forbid people know you are human.

Us, fun-makers, don matching outfits and smile throughout the races.  Need proof do ya?

I might need a cheek massage from smiling so much.

I’m conducting auditions for the next matchy-matchy race.  Let me know if you think you’d fit in.

Fun-suckers worry about looking stupid and making a fool of themselves.

Fun-suckers don’t have awesome fun-making friends that do awesome fun-making things:  Chicks in the Sticks

Fun-suckers don’t have awesome fun-making parents and fun-making siblings:

[I have a really good photo to put here once my dad sends it to me, but in case it doesn’t make it picture a group of 9 people all in matching t-shirts about to run the April Fools Half Marathon]

But there is still hope for fun-suckers.  They can see their sucking ways and turn it around.  Reach out to your fun-sucking friends in need.  Lets all make more fun.



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