The True North strong and free!

With Canada Day upon us up here in the Great White North, I wanted to share some of my favorite Canadian triathletes and what makes them so awesome.  We happen to have some very decorated athletes up here.  I think it’s in our roots to be good triathletes. We get our strength and endurance from lifting heavy chainsaws and mushing our dogsleds for days on end.  We learn to swim fast because the water between ice drifts is so cold.  Cycling is a bit foreign to us, but it’s not much different than riding a polar bear in the end. Anyways, here are some of the people that inspire me to keep training and racing. I know there are LOTS more Canadian triathletes out there worth mentioning, but I probably only have your attention for a short while.

The Wurteles:  Heather and Trevor Wurtele are awesome on so many levels.  First of all, they are tall. Really tall.  Heather is 6’2”.  Trevor is 6’3”.  They don’t ride bikes, they ride carbon scaffolding with wheels.  They live in an RV with their cat and travel around the states training and racing.  Recently, Trevor raced the Boise 29.1 and raced the bike portion IN his wetsuit.  Heather lists her Ten Terrific Things on Thursdays on their blog.  Awesome.

Angela Naeth:  She’s from Prince George.  That’s survival enough I’d say, but she also survived being coached by Brett Sutton for a season.  Not that I know what that’s like, but I’ll go with what I’ve heard on that one.  She’s taken a bunch of wins this season and keeps making Canada proud. Sweet!

Melanie McQuiad: Triathlon on dirt.  Just the thought of riding my mountain bike makes me nervous these days.   I bow down to you.

Jill Savege: Haven’t heard much from Jill?  Well, she’s a mother and lives in California with her hot (and younger) husband.  You may have heard of him as Canada has claimed him as our own.  Jordan Rapp. Ring a bell?  Way to go Jill.

Lauren Campbell: has an awesome recipe for pumpkin pancakes.

Peter Reid:  From a pilot friend of mine:  “I met this guy that did triathlons, Peter Reid.  Have you heard of him”  3 x Ironman World Champion, 10 x IM Champion. Nah, never heard of him.  He flies planes for a living now.  You really can have two very different careers in life.  Awesome. 

Lisa Bentley:  Lisa was a powerhouse with a smile. 11 Ironman wins. I remember seeing her win Ironman Canada and noticed how she smiled from ear to ear most of the way and especially when she passed fans.   Classy Lisa, classy.

Samantha McGlone: umm ya, Samantha is the same age as me and has accomplished a weeee little bit more.  Including a silver at IM worlds in 2007.  She has taken a break over the last few years, but her name has popped up again lately.  Rad.

Rachel McBride: has an awesome Mohawk.  Right now it’s purple. Keep your eyes on her, she’s coming for you.

Gillian Clayton: what? Never heard of her?  You will.

I just noticed most of these are women.  Yeah, sorry guys, I like to follow the chicks.  Probably because I have no way to compare myself to a Canadian man (other than Justin Bieber to copy his hairstyle)

I’m sure I could keep going, but I won’t.  Who are your favorite Canadian triathletes? 

Happy Canada D’eh!



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