You don’t need to look good while you do it, but it helps.

 Like most people on the planet, I’ve been engrossed in the Olympics for the past 7 days and intend to be for the next how many ever there are.  I love the Olympics and it might be the first time I’ve been thankful for a job where I can have one monitor for work and the other streaming swimming, or tennis, or whatever happens to be on.  I’m consistently impressed with how good most of the athletes look when they are working so hard. I know for a fact I don’t look that good when I race. In fact, long distance triathlon has got to be one of the more unattractive sports out there.

You get into your rubber suit and swim in cold (sometimes dirty) water.  Then you take off said rubber suit and hop on your bike in the soaking wet shorts that you most likely peed in before the start.  You ride around for a while getting sticky from splashing Gatorade, covered in GU and possibly more pee.  Finally you head out on the run and with the best attempts to get your fluid in your mouth it ends up down the front of your shirt. You cross the line with snot crusted on your face, stained yellow teeth from Gatorade and possibly even a dribble of poop running down your leg.  Not much attractive with all that. 

It must be interesting to head into what is arguably the most important competition of your life with a full face of makeup and sparkles in your hair.  Yes, I’m talking about the little gymnasts.  Perfect smoky eyes seem to be a requirement to performing feats of superhuman proportions on a balance beam. 

The cyclists and swimmers must have cleaned Boots out of nail polish upon arrival.  Or let’s not even start on the beach volleyball girls. I’d hope to be travelling with my own esthetician so that the world doesn’t catch a glimpse at a missed hair or worse.


The men are contributing to looking hot as they play also: swimming. Amen. 

There are all sorts of amazing athletes to watch out there no matter if they need a coat of mascara to feel confident or not.  I’ll be continuing to cheer from my desk and my couch and hoping a little of their drive wears off on me!




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