Well the Olympics are over and so I end my days now not watching the triumphs and defeats of the sporting world, but watching the 2nd best thing on television: Shark Week.  Thank god for something other than Big Brother.

The Olympics were a little anti-climactic for me this year, mostly due to scheduling and lack of a PVR.  I was truly a believer that our Canadian triathletes were going to triumph, but alas, shit happens and life goes on.  I’m proud of all the Canadians that towed the line in London this year, but I did notice a disturbing trait amongst the athletes: the willingness to apologize. 

Really? You owe ME an apology for stepping on a line or getting injured or whatever?  I don’t think so.  It’s so typically Canadian to say we are sorry. You don’t owe us anything!  

Now please don’t apologize for apologizing. It’s not your fault.  It’s how you were raised from a wee hoser when your toque was too big for your head. 

And to all those people out there bitching that we mostly got bronze medals, what colour is the medal YOU got at the Olympics?  I’d be weeing myself with pride if I got a bronze medal at just about anything!  I’d even take up Modern Pentathlon if I could win a medal. 

Athletics are HARD and we’ll keep sending people out there to get bronze medals (and 4ths) and I’ll keep being proud of them.

 Wow. Very little sarcasm in that post. 




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