um, now what?

It’s fall.  Officially.  Here in Vancouver, the leaves are changing colours and the wind has a cold bite to it.  More telling is that our beloved outdoor pool in Kitsilano has closed for the season.  137m of long distance swimming bliss is lockup for another year.  I think on Sunday night when the last laps were swum there was a resounding chorus of “now what?” that echoed through the triathlon community.  There are no more races up here in the Great White North this year; all the medals have been handed out.  There are probably thousands of poor lost tri-nerds wondering what to do with an extra 15 hours of free time each week. It’s like a friend moved out of town or you have this feeling that you’ve forgotten something or something is missing. You probably don’t even know what to think about. It gets better, that feeling of loss will fill in over time. Make sure you relish in your accomplishment and more importantly, make sure everyone else relishes in your accomplishment as well.  But really? Now what? Ideas:

Eating.  Eating is key.  That buzzing noise you hear is your metabolism still cranking away from the race.  You need to feed it.  Want donuts? Eat donuts.  I’d recommend a full box of Purdy’s Milk and Dark assortment. With all the caramels, creams and nuts it covers all food groups.

Obviously taking time to call the friends and family members that you haven’t seen since Christmas 2011 is on the list of things to do. Be sure to apologize for missed birthdays and weddings due to the strenuous training you were undergoing. 

Your coach has probably recommended some “active recovery.” Whatever that means.  I prefer to quell the voices in my head that tell me I should go running. “Shut the hell up, I’m not done my box of chocolates yet!”  Besides, you need time for the chafe and saddle sores to heal up before you get out there again.

If you do decide to get out and do something, try inviting those people that normally can’t keep up with you.  It will make them feel good about themselves that they can beat your Ironman ass. Wear your finishers shirt so strangers don’t think you are the un-fit one.

In fact, make sure you have plenty of excuses to wear your finishers gear.  All of the items are so ugly that you obviously did the race because no one who didn’t would wear that in public.

Go home and try on every piece of clothing you own.  Skinny jeans, short dresses, halter tops.  Strut around in them and pick something out to “run into” that bitchy girl you went to highschool with.  “Oh! I didn’t know you were going to be here tonight, what a surprise!” Ahh Facebook does have a use.

Sleep in, sit around until noon doing nothing.  Go to a movie.  Drink. Read a book that not’s written by an athlete.

I guess the only thing you shouldn’t do is clothes shopping. Resist the urge to dress your post Ironman body. Those jeans that are falling off your butt right now will be back to muffin top by the time the snow falls.

None of this applies, however, if you didn’t get a flat and got yourself a spot at Kona (or live somewhere warmer where tri season is still in full swing).  If you are racing, put down that donut and get out on your bike! I’ll be waving from the couch.



**I didn’t want to steal this awesome image.  Cick here for the source.



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