It takes a licking…

I try not to get attached to things.  I just don’t think it’s all that healthy to be attached to an inanimate object.  All those people that become overly attached to their cars or boats or even their phones; It’s just not a great way to live life.  As in anything, I know there are exceptions.  Your grandmother’s pearls or your first teddy bear will have sentimental value, but everyday objects just aren’t worth getting too attached to.  It different having favorites though.  You’re favorite race kit or your “lucky” running hat.  I have a few favorites, but I won’t be totally crushed when they wear out or get misplaced.  I had to face finally wearing out a piece of my beloved racing gear: my trusty Timex race watch.

I bought my old watch in 2006 before attempting my first half marathon.  I wanted the bigger “men’s“ version as it looked more badass.  I had always has Timex watches for my sailing days so I knew how to work the lap functions and loved the Indiglo feature.  I was very happy with my purchase and so started a long relationship with it.  It came with me on my first Half Iron, my 15th Half Marathon,  my two Ironmans and many more inbetween.  That’s a long way for a little watch.

Running around the track on Monday night I had my trusty watch on.  I had just erased the Chrono screen of its 11:26:45 from Ironman and was ready to start the workout.  It was pretty dark and seeing as how the Indiglo feature had died in its second year I couldn’t really see the time of my laps, but I wasn’t too worried about it.  Off I went for our 9 x 1000m (ouch).  On the third lap I go to hit the Lap function and I hear a little zzzztttt fizzle sound.  It was done.  My poor watch that had been submerged in lakes, pools and oceans.  Ridden over hill and yonder.  Run in the heat and the storms.  It had been sprayed by sunscreen and Gu.  The Velcro was worn out, had that funky sweated-in smell and a hair elastic holding the band together.

It was done.  Ticked its last tock.  Took its final lickin’ and stopped tickin’.

I know the battery can be replaced, but without the Indiglo and the cost of the battery, I think it best to retire the little fella.  Thank you little watch.  I’ll miss your beep beep, beep beep, beep beep, beep beep, beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep to wake me up before a race at 4am.

Enjoy your retirement in watch heaven.  Say hi to the Rolex Submariner that sunk off some sailor’s wrist.


Ironman #1



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