A few weeks ago I entitled a blog post “Now what?”  That little bit of let down you feel after completing a big event, in my case Ironman.  I have enjoyed my weeks of semi non-training and know that there are always other races to do, but I can’t help but feel some serious FOMO before anything has even taken place to be fearful of missing.

I set out this season to try and jump a seriously high hurdle, perhaps much higher than I’m capable of: qualify for Kona. I didn’t make it (by more than an hour). You can read about it here.  So here I sit, watching the Twitter feeds coming through from all the people headed to the sun and surf of the big island and I am honestly mixed about it.  I’d love to be there, but I also love seeing some money left in my bank account. Ok, well, there’s not really any there, but I’m not in greater debt for going south.  There’s also a feeling of saving up a Kona experience.  My first Ironman was the most amazing day in my racing life and I think it would be good to stagger those races out a little.  There are lots of races on the list to do, but I’m in n hurry to do them all at once.

Sometimes crossing something off your list is harder than setting out to do it in the first place. I yearn for those days when a 10k or a half marathon was a major goal just to finish.  As nice as it is getting faster and more experienced, the joy you feel from crossing the finish line for the first time at a new distance is tough to beat.  Personal Bests get harder to reach and somewhere along the way you might even start going backwards if this thing called “life” gets in the way.  I know, waaahhh, it’s SO hard getting faster and having to set new goals. Waaahhh, my diamond shoes are too tight.  Woe is me.

I haven’t been sitting around on my ass though eating bon bons.  I’ve been trying to be a runner and train like one.  I gotta say, you runners have it easy!  So, all you have to do is put on your shoes and run out the door for a few hours?  No helmet? No flat tires to worry about? No Chlorine smell?  I also find I have SO MUCH free time now that I’m a runner.  I think I just used one of my rules of why runners hate triathletes; we think running is easy.  SO if you are a runner and you see me suffering through the Victoria Half Marathon this weekend stating things like “I run much better off the bike,” feel free to give me a swift kick in the butt and say something like “shouldn’t you be in Kona?”



One thought on “KONAFOMO

  1. I’m pretty sure Victoria is just like Kona, right? Okay, maybe not, but it is cheaper (maybe?).
    Regardless, have a great race on the weekend. I’ll try and keep an ear out for the announcer calling your name as you beeline for the finish line and will be sure to throw a “woo-hoo” and a little cowbell your way.

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