I’m sick.  No, I don’t have a cough due to cold.  I mean that there really must be something wrong with me.  I’m so tired these days from the rainy weather and lack of training that I tend to sit around reading or watching movies instead of getting outside. I figure its ok.  I need a break right? That’s not the sick part.  The sick part is how I can’t seem to stop thinking about Ironman.  I replay my 2012 IM over and over in my head figuring out where I can improve and making new goals.  More biking, new bike fit, same run plan, similar swim training, more bricks, it never ends. Do I have plans to race an IM in 2013? Uh no.  So I’m doing all this thinking for potentially 2014.  Sheesh, that’s like getting engaged and then not getting married for 18 months (ahem, cough, not directed at anyone in particular).

I know other suffer from this illness.  It spreads rampantly through the transition zones of many races.  Maybe it’s in the Sharpie Ink they use for body marking.  I think this illness is another of those little reasons why people kinda hate triathletes.  You are scared of what you don’t know understand and this is easy to misunderstand.  It’s not like I’ve forgotten the pain and misery or the inner monologue during IM telling yourself “I’ll never do this again.”  Ha, like I’d believe someone that got up at 4am and has been going non-stop for 9 or so hours with still a half marathon to complete.  THAT person is nuts.  I’m just a bit sick. Totally curable.  With a few more hours spent on a bike, in the pool and on my feet.  Right?

But first the off-season continues.

I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs lately. It seems like triathlon-blogland gets pretty mundane this time of year.  Lot of people reflecting about their seasons, other complaining about having to take time off training (wahhhh), or just radio silence.   C’mon bloggers!  Don’t you realize this is my entertainment? Ok, I too am guilty of some blog neglect.  I have a few things in the works, but they could be a little touchy for the gloomy seasonally affected out there so I might save them for a sunny day.

So I’ll sit here and nurse my ailment while some of you try to do those cold, wet offseason races that never really end up being any fun nor giving you any good results.  Anyone else noticed that the colder and grosser the race, the more entry fees tend to be?  I’m going to save my money for that pair of non-running shoes I saw the other day that will probably hurt my feet and end up in the back of the closet.



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