2012…and the world didn’t end.

A sarcastic year in review:


Not a lot happens in January.  I get off my lazy ass and start training more regularity, but of course that is made more difficult by all the dumb people with resolutions to get fit that crowd my once palatial gym. Not to worry; they be gone by the 21st or so.  If you really want to stick to a NY reso, sign up for a race that scares the bejeezus out of you and you won’t stop training.


Someone gave me the dumb idea to sign up for a half marathon in February.  Not only could said race possibly fall on a killer powder day, but it also means running after skiing in glacial temperatures or in Vancouver’s soggy winter.  Bleh.  Race didn’t go well.  I did help a friend get a new PR (by 9 minutes!), awfully giving of me.


Start to read blogs and posts about how some people are already up to 100km bike rides and 5k swims. Show offs.  March is good for one thing: St Paddy’s Day.  I did the St. Paddy’s Day 5k. Probably the last time I’m within 2 seconds of my brother-in-law in a race shorter than a marathon. Go me. I started this blog in March too.  You’re welcome.


Ahh April.  Two of my favorite things happened.  The April Fools Half Marathon and a trip to Maui.

Neither went as planned.  Half Marathon blow out.  Maui road rash. 



The fear is setting in for all those that signed up for summer races and they haven’t been sticking to training plans.  Or you are injured so you enter a race dressed exactly the same as your best friend and aim for one goal: to get the exact same finishing time.  Check.  Oh and I won a local sprint triathlon in May, I must have been somewhat fit then huh.



Half Iron in scary cross winds. 12 mins slower than 2012.  I think this year is showing a trend. And another race dressed the same as friends.  It’s totally all the rage.

Whistler Half


Long training sets in.  I think I saw my family for about an hour all month long.  I bet they didn’t miss me at all.  Also a good time to start saying things like “I can’t come to your party, I’m training for Ironman” and “oh sorry, that’s just chlorine off gassing from my skin.”  Threw in a last minute Olympic tri too; it was actually really fun.  No really. Fun.


Can’t seem to recall much of August.  Oh, this happened.



Back to school.  Ok no, I don’t go to school, but it’s a tough sentiment to shake.  Eating is the new sport.


More dumb mishaps. No racing. No training.  I have NO IDEA what I did with my time this month.  I think the indent in my couch might have the tales to tell.


I received a text message from myself sent in February reminding me NOT to sign up for that dumb half marathon.  Thanks Past-self.


Well if you’re going to pack it all into one month, why not procrastinate until the end of the year?

Skiing, wedding (mine), husband’s birthday, Christmas, my birthday, and a few other key events.

Yeah… I got married.  Isn’t he cute?


Triathlete and triathlete photographer makes for some interesting photos....IMC swim exit shot. ha.
Triathlete and triathlete photographer makes for some interesting photos….IMC swim exit shot. ha. Dave Mccolm Photography

So here we come 2013. Brace yourself for the NY resolution setters at the gym and I’ll see you out there.



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