New Year’s Resolutions…WTF.

I was going to start a segment called WTF Fridays, but it’s my blog so I’m going to post this one on a Thursday.

WTF?  New Year’s Resolutions.

Really?  You think that because the date ticked over one more digit that you’ll magically change who you are? It’s not like I got up on Jan 1st and thought, “I think I’ll change my blog title to The Unicorn and Rainbow blog of Peace and Love.” No, I know who I am.  I’m a positive-ish person that sets large goals and then makes biting comments about triathlon observations along the way.

Dumbest NYRs:

-quit smoking. I can’t in a million years figure out why you would ever start this disgusting habit.  Maybe you should make your resolution to stop smoking anywhere near me and collect all the nasty cigarette butts on the roads that you don’t think is litter.

-quit drinking. So now you’re the dull person at a party?  No thanks.  Oh and considering you drank enough liquor to fill a swimming pool last night there could possibly be ulterior motive to this one, no?

-Be more active. How bout signing up for Ironman?  that’ll light a 140.3 mile fire under your lazy ass. Oooh, I know, join one of those overpriced private gyms and sign up for the entire year with no refund option.

I’ve already read about one girl that was going to give up gluten, dairy, booze and meat all on Jan 1. Moderation hasn’t crossed your mind? I give her three weeks.  I also know a guy that has set the goal to do yoga EVERY DAY in 2013.  I’d think this was completely insane except for the fact that his 2012 goal was to run every day of the year and he did it. 366 days of running.  He’s the exception. You’re the rule.  Lose the NYRs. Happy New Year.



4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions…WTF.

  1. I’ve been thinking the same thing, but I can’t do sarcasm the way you can. You have a gift. About to share this post on my facebook, so if you watch your site stats, that will explain the spike in referrals from facebook. Happy New Year, Liz!

    1. Ha! thanks! We all have our given talents, mine just happens to be snarky comments. I’d trade you some for your athletic prowess in a heartbeat.
      All the best for the kick ass year ahead!

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