Bike touring. A whole different bike.

As much as I’d like to be writing about bike touring around Cuba in the first person, I’m still sitting in the damp Pacific North West.  My adventurous friend Tracy is currently on a 25 day tour around Cuba with her man-friend.

I’ve never gone on a big bike tour and I’m a little curious what a cyclist and Ironman athlete would think of using this bicycle thing as a mode of transportation.  So far in 14 days away, they have travelled 365km or two and a little bit of an Ironman course.

Could I give up my need for speed and enjoy the scenery along the way?  Could I load up panniers and trailers to haul my gear from place to place? Do they allow tri-bars on touring bikes?  I’m not sure this type of touring is for me, but I think with a support vehicle and a carbon Dura-ace road bike I’d get out there on the open road.

Anyways, I’m loving following along on their adventure and though some of you might have time to read about their voyage.  Oh and someone should tell this “crazy guy on a bike” blog platform that it could use a little flair.



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