Triathlete, interrupted

Reading the twitter feeds these days there are a lot of people ramping up the training for the 2013 season looming ahead.  Races are already being held, notices for registrations are popping up and goals are being set amongst my circle of fit tri-nerd buddies.  And here I sit.  18lbs heavier than the day I ran Ironman Canada in August (keeping in mind race weight is rather slight). Top button to my jeans is undone; in fact, it’s surprising I’m even wearing jeans. I have put aside my aero helmet (actually I sold it to a fast friend in need) and have finally broken down and purchased some elastic waist pants.  The bike is collecting dust and the swimsuit has most definitely been replaced.  The smarter of you have undoubtedly figured it out, but in case you haven’t: I am pregnant.  WIth child. In a motherly way. Bun firmly in oven.

Today marks my half way point, 20 weeks and counting.  I hadn’t posted earlier as I hadn’t come clean to the office folks yet.  I’m still somewhat able to hide my growing bosoms and chubby hips under my regular attire of baggy hoodies so I didn’t feel the need to draw attention to myself. I guess people just thought I wasn’t IM training so the lbs were landing on my butt for the winter. Suckas.  To answer some of your burning questions: Yes, we planned this although it did happen much sooner than anyone anticipated.  Yes, I was preggo at my December wedding which was not ideal (thank god the dress still fit.) Yes, I have always wanted to be a mom.  I’ve had a few comments that I “didn’t seem the type.” Guess what folks? Tom-boys can have kids too.  Any other questions?  Feel free to ask!

I’m in good company.  Triathletes Nicola Spirig (of Olympic gold fame) and Sarah Haskins have both recently announced their little bundles in waiting. Elite runner Lauren Fleshman and hubby pro-triathlete Jesse Thomas are also expecting around the same time as I. Lauren’s account of hubby’s reaction and the one-shot wonder are a spot on our experience. Lauren recently won a 5k avec bebe…not so similar.

Gotta say though, I’m a little lost.  I went almost immediately from training 15 hours a week to human incubator. I’m still exercising, but by no means can it be considered training.  I can swim about 1km before getting dizzy.  I ride my trainer from time to time and have continued a strength program. Running, however, has been almost completely removed from my regime.  After the long recovery from the sprained ankle I sustained in Oct (yes, also while 5 weeks preggo and having no idea) I started back running while battling morning sickness and learning that two bras are better than one. It was going ok until a few weeks ago. They call it round ligament pain; I call it a complete pain in the ass.  I can run about 2km before it kicks in and then I usually try to run through it until I’m left hobbling back to the car.  Then I rest an entire week and try again the next week.    So who am I now?  For about 4 years all I pretty much did in the New Year was focus on training and planning my triathlon season.  If you read the short bio on my Twitter account it mentions: tri-nerd, wine enthusiast, skier.  Strike 2 of 3. Yup, I’m still a skier.  It’s really the only thing I do that makes me feel like my old self.  Probably because I’m still better at it than most people I ski with. There will come a point soon though when the ole ski pants won’t zip up and the skis will be traded in for a comfortable walking shoe.

All whining aside, I’m super excited.  I have some very fit and fun mommy friends that have inspired me to stay fit during and get back out racing after bubbins makes his or her arrival. In fact, you know you’re preggo when you read your friends 2013 goals page, it announces your “return to greatness” and you almost start to cry.  So there could actually be a triathlon on the 2013 race schedule.  It won’t be my fastest, but gosh darn it I’m going to give it a try. I also have a super supportive husband and family that I’m sure won’t mind taking over while I slip out for a ride or run.

So there you have it.  If you need me, I’ll be over here growing a human; a pregnant pause from triathlon life. I’l still be commenting on life and tri as I go, so there will be plenty of blog-reading time killing to enjoy. Have a great 2013 season and please don’t get too much faster than me!

-ST +1

See you later bikini body...
See you later bikini body…

4 thoughts on “Triathlete, interrupted

  1. Awwww ….. I too,had that pain it just ain’t worth it

    Genetics ……

    Walk ? Walk ? Walk ?

    Yes we will swim together

    Half way done ! Baby is cooking !

    Love you

    Mum x

    Sent from my iPad

  2. I’m obviously not very baby/pregnancy aware because my first thought when I read that you have “finally broken down and purchased some elastic waist pants” was “Oh, I wonder if they are pajama jeans?!”

    Anyway, pajama jeans or not, a big congratulations on the bambino!

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