WTF? Friday


Or probably more accurately, the really annoying people on forums.

So you go to a forum for something you are interested in say, SlowTwitch; the well known tri-nerd cyber hangout.  You have a burning question about what wheels you need to spend $3000 dollars on to gain 4 minutes on your next ironman (rather than learning how to swim properly of course). You type your question in and patiently await the advice of hundreds of other tri-keeners.  The replies start rolling in.  You get:

-a few people that don’t answer your question in the least.

-a few more responses of people that are annoyed that you didn’t notice there was a question just like this one 4 months ago. You obviously should be checking the forum every day and reading every thread

-at least one entry of only “Bump” which apparently means they just wanted it at the top of the list again or simply had nothing intelligent to say

-more than a few insults to your riding ability regardless of whether they’ve ridden with you or looked up your last race result

-then finally a few people with actual suggestions.  You’re really lucky if someone backs up their suggestion instead of just writing “Zipp” or “Mavic”

-this may prompt a few more insults directed at the last poster on his suggestion and then a completely opposite view that leaves you even more confused and unsure of what to do.

Great way to spend your time. Personally, I love to troll a forum looking for the insults and the bad advice out there.  Oh and I love the people with strong opinions on things they know nothing about.  So entertaining.  Thanks for the good read folks.



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