Pregnancy; just like Ironman. Epilogue

After many months of long days of training you enter the starting area in anticipation of the race ahead.  If it’s the first time you are attempting the distance, the nerves are overwhelming.  Tears form from just the thought of the day ahead.The gun goes off and it’s then that your nerves subside and you realize you are there to do a job. Get to that finish line.  No matter what it takes.

The day holds its ups and downs.  Moments of panic, frustration, fear.  More than once the though “i”m never doing this again” pops into your head, but you keep going.  Keep working hard.

You see the banner, it’s almost over.  Crossing that finish line is your triumphant reward for all that suffering. 

It’s done, you did it and almost immediately you think ” I could do that again because it was all so worth it.”

Complete euphoria overtakes you.  You are an ironman.

Only in this race there is no announcer to tell you, “you are a mommy.”

-ST in love


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