Everything in Moderation

If variety is the spice of life then a 30 day core challenge is a pretty good way to suck the flavour out of living.  You may recall that four friends and I took on “Abs of August” complete with a wine wager to keep everyone focused.  I’d say the 4 weeks passed roughly as:

Week 1: wow, I’m weak.  I can’t wait until week three and I see results

Week 2: hmm, not making much progress, but sticking to it everyday

Week 3: ok, I’m kinda bored and why are these planks still so damn hard!!

Week 4:  Ugghhh, I have to do my abs and I just ate a bacon cheeseburger and two beers.

I’m really not a “more is more” kinda person.  I like the just enough approach which I guess is why my coach ads about 15% more training than I should really do to account for the occasional loss of focus.  Hey, it’s a long season and sometimes powder skiing just takes precedent.  It’s not like this is my job or anything.

So how did we do?  I managed some sort of core workout for the entire 30 days (actually I did 31 before I realized it was over already, smart huh?), albeit two of those “workouts” consisted of a 1 min plank in my pjs before bed. I think everyone at least completed 29 days, so let’s give ourselves a hand.  And now let’s go back to reasonable workouts of 3-5 days a week with other muscle groups thrown in for variation.  Sheesh, I’d really not be cut out for some of that block training where you do something like 30k of swimming in a week or only run for a month.  I guess that’s one of the reasons I do triathlons instead of just one sport. I get bored easily and need to mix things up. Mild ADD perhaps? Core photos below…view at your own risk. 

BEFORE (and 2 months postpartum)



29torres-500Okay okay…I’m not Dara Torres.

The real after:


So now it’s September and we’re looking down the crisp morning barrel of fall.  To start my fall off I did a (gasp) triathlon!  Here’s a brief race report:

Swim: Holy shit that’s lightening!  Get out of the water in 5th place female and post my fastest swim time ever.

Bike: Could it rain a little harder?  Oh look, I haven’t reset my ODO from Ironman and my average pace is dropping over the 18km bike. Ouch

Run: I’m running in a triathlon! Yipee! Was that a sea lion I heard at the Aquarium?  Wow, I’m slow.

Racing with my little spectator.
Racing with my little spectator.

Next up is a half marathon in October.  I can’t remember the last time I was actually worried about even finishing an event, but based on how my 14k run went today I should be concerned.  Would a 14day run challenge get me to the finishline?  Annnd repeat vicious cycle of little moderation.



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