Recaps and Resolutions. The coles notes version.

So ya.  It’s been a while since I’ve logged anything on the ole blog.  I could claim that I’ve been really busy with moving and the holidays, but no one likes those people that claim “busy” as a reason for not completing a simple task like a blog post.  So I’ll claim lazy instead.  Or just not interesting.  Because, the next worse thing next to the “busy” people are the “my weekend is 101 pictures on Facebook interesting” people.

Anyways I’m back and just in time for the onslaught of blogland annual recaps, resolutions and upcoming goal posts. (ha, goal posts)

My 2013 recap is pretty simple:         Jan-June: look like this38.5 and ready to go.


June-Dec: hang out with this guy



My New Years Resolutions are the same as every year:

-quit smoking

-read War and Peace

-join a gym

-go on a diet

-drink less

-and anything else that sucks the fun out of life.

OR, I’ll continue to live in balance.  Eg: White Spot burger goes in = 40 more laps in the pool.


2014 is shaping up to be fun filled and race heavy though.  In fact, I’ve already completed a race for the year and am registered for three others including Ironman 70.3 St George.  Wooohoo!

And, this year I’ll be looking oh so stylish in my kit from Coeur Sports.  I’m an ambassador for this new line of women’s tri gear.  Neat huh?  Hopefully, I’ll make them proud with a few podium shots, but definitely a lot of on course high fives.


Happiest of New Year’s to you all and I’ll see you at all the races.




2 thoughts on “Recaps and Resolutions. The coles notes version.

  1. Sara Scheck

    Just discovered you blog via Coeur and I love it! I appreciate some good sarcasm so I have loved reading your past posts. I am a runner and newbie triathlete and mother to a 1 year old. I think you need to do a post on what they don’t tell you after having a child. Like how much the lady bits hurt post run-wait maybe that’s just me-how freakin’ out of shape your abs are, etc. Oh then non running/tri related how you lose half your hair and that breastfeeding hurts like a bi#$h! I digress. Anyway, looking forward to future posts. Stay classy! Oh, wait it’s better not to be classy!

    1. Ha. So true. Yes, there’s oh so much secrecy to child rearing that they keep from you. I’ve been thinking of a post along those lines already. Like, boobs, wtf is up with boobs. Thanks for following along!

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