Hello? Winter?

Brace yourselves for this news oh faithful readers (hi mom): it’s raining in Vancouver today.

I know. Shocking.  While most of North America has been sucked into some Arctic Vortex that I’m pretty sure is usually called “Winter,” the great Pacific North West has been basking in unusual sunshine with a bit of creepy fog in the mix.  If you’re looking for winter training solutions that don’t involve the mind numbing boredom of treadmills or the overtly perky spin instructors then simply skip winter altogether.  It’s been really handy for getting back into shape.  I go run in the sunshine instead of downhill ski to the bar for beers.  Heck, we even got out for some real riding last week.

I suppose I miss some of the winteriness, but you gotta work with what you got.  Hopefully this little bout of rain will add some snow to our hills and I’ll get on some skis soon.  I’d even take some skate skiing.  There’s nothing like a good skate ski to make a fit person view a slight incline in the same way Rob Ford must view a flight of stairs.

Happy indoor training suckas.


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