Negative Nelly never wins.


I’ve been composing this blog post in my head since about km 14 on the bike during Sunday’s Ironman 70.3 Victoria as it was about then that I realized I hadn’t shown up for the race.  It is said that IM 70.3 St George is one of the most challenging on the circuit; well obviously Victoria must be harder.  How else do you explain a slower time in moderate temperatures on a shorter and flatter course? I had great training sessions leading up to it; I was feeling ready and confident. The gun went off and bllleeehhhh.  Hmmm.  I’ve been doing some pretty good moping around in the hoody we got at the race and have come up with a list of excuses reasons why my race didn’t go as planned.  Most of these are true, but bonus points for spotting the false ones.


I woke up late Sunday night with a cold (which I still have) that had probably started earlier that day
My ferritin has dropped to 11 since St G.
It was cold and I don’t like the cold
I had a few too many life problems show up in one week
My pet unicorn ran away
My knee gave up on the run
Two porta potty stops
I was intimidated by my competition
I stupidly ran in older shoes on sharp rocks and trail
I tried new nutrition and I don’t think it worked
I was haunted at my hotel room the night before
I didn’t write a race plan
I was a bit over confident
I couldn’t find a positive thought out there if it kicked me in the teeth
I wasn’t psyched


But, I finished. More than a few times I thought of quitting, but I’d paid to be there so I was going to finish.  I’m still looking for the positive outcome to this race. I did still place 5th in my AG, but I just expected more.   SMO had a DNF that I didn’t know about until a few steps before the line with a legit reason.  We have set a race sign up moratorium for two weeks to prevent the “redemption race” sign up.  We need some pressure free adventures.


Ok, I’ll stop whining now….or tomorrow.



Not my usual smiley running self.
Not my usual smiley running self.


Sick and mopey
Sick and mopey

3 thoughts on “Negative Nelly never wins.

  1. Despite the negativity, you still had a strong 5th place finish, which is not something to scoff at. Sometimes the “bad” races allow us to really appreciate the great ones 😉

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