Shut up cheeseburger.

What happens when 5 moms get on a plane to Maui without the men and kids? Nothing.  What happens on Maui, stays on Maui.

Buuuut, this would be a really short post if I didn’t divulge some details.

So, on Sept 17th 5 of us met at the Vancouver Airport and headed to the garden isle of Maui.  On the docket was a half marathon, some exploring, a “few” drinks and other adventures.  If you read my previous post about girls, you’d know that spending a week with nothing but other women is a bit of a departure for me.  But you can’t beat the camaraderie of 5 fit mommas taking a well-deserved break from everyday life.  I stress the term fit.  This was somewhere between an open-bar at an all-inclusive resort and a pro triathlete training camp.  Here are a few tidbits.

Sep 17th, 3:09 am:  alarm sounds.  Yes, 3am. The earliest I have ever got my butt out of bed for race and about the time I used to regularly get home from parties (albeit 10 years ago).  Off we went to start the 5am race.  Before the start I was a glistening slick of sweat and sunscreen.  That probably should have been a clue that this wasn’t a PR kinda day.  I think I felt good during the race for about 4 minutes. Two of the girls pulled away from me before half way and I spent the next half deciding that it’s time to take a break from running.

1:30am September 23rd: flop into bed after shutting down a luau.  That’s more like it.

10am September 25th: SMO and I get on our bikes in Makawao and start heading up.

12pm Sept 25th: still climbing

1pm Sept 25: still climbing. I think around here I mentioned we have about the same distance and elevation left as riding Cypress here in Vancouver.  I wished I hadn’t made that connection.

1:45pm: yes, still climbing.

Somewhere around 2pm, we reached the top of Haleakala. 29 miles of climbing to 10,000 feet.  Proof included in photo form.  At the time this seemed like the hardest ride I’ve ever done, but it didn’t end with me lying on the floor of a convenience store sipping a slurpee (true story) so it couldn’t have been that hard.

That’s probably all the detail I can post….

Truly grateful for friends with the same idea of “fun.” Shut up cheeseburger.


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