2015. Boom boom pow.

3 months!  It’s been 3 months since I posted something.  I’ll claim that I was taking a creative break like actors do when it just gets to be “too much.” Because making millions while playing pretend is super taxing on the system. Yes, that’s where I was; my life is so glamorous and busy that I simply needed to put the blog aside and focus on me for a while.

I had all sorts of great ideas for blog posts in the last 90 days, but I’ve obviously forgotten most of them and that 2014 recap post can be summed up as: awesome. So here are 6 random things I did while I was gone (in no particular order).

  • I went back to work.  Uggghhhh.  So, I was kinda sorta supposed to go back to work last May after having my bubba.  When that phone call came in to let me know I was expected back at my desk every day as an analyst starting at spreadsheets and manipulating data, I hung up in tears.  Time to move on.  But as fate would have it, a few months later they needed help in the form of a part time analyst.  2 days a week at a desk is easy to balance. Boom
  • I started teaching indoor cycling!  YAY!  I had the notion to start doing this a few years ago and finally took a course. I was super lucky to have the perfect timing with the opening of Ride78.com and I love love love it.  I’m in great company with these other triathlon gals and it’s hard not to be intimidated into working hard just by being in there.   I get paid to sweat and it fits in my schedule.  Boom. If you’re in Vancouver and want to come let me know! First ride free!
  • I signed up for Ironman Coeur D’Alene.  I haven’t come to terms with the amount of training yet. Pow.
  • After Halloween and going to back to an office with an endless supply of candy the next SMO-Lizard challenge was born: 30 days with no sugar.  It was hard at first and there were accepted exceptions, but I have to say that I have never done anything that has had such a profound effect on my eating habits.  I shop differently, I enjoy fruit more and treats really are treats rather than just food.  It’s not like I’ll cut sugar out of my life completely forever, but the healthier leaner Liz is liking the results. Pow.
  • I got two bad haircuts in a row. How hard is it to find a decent stylist??  And all that trickery they do with the round brush and flat-iron so you have no idea until after your first swim that they actually carved a mushroom out of your hair. By then of course, it’s too late.  You’ve already paid a week’s wage and tipped on top of that. Bah.
  • I was named to the Coeur Sports Ambassador team for another year. Yay again!!  I guess they don’t mind a little sass and sarcasm from time to time in the mix of fit females.  It’s been really neat “e-meeting” all these great women and I hope this year I’ll actually meet meet some more of them. BOOM!

Training has commenced and racing isn’t far off.  There are adventures already booked and suggestions for more stupid challenges are welcome!

Let’s do this 2015. BOOM!


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