Drive your life.

I gave a friend a ride this morning after his car got towed at cycling (ha).  As we stepped into the car I apologized for the lack of leg room due to the car seat behind the passenger.  He looked at the floor of my car and said “oh good, I don’t feel so bad.  My car is always a mess.”  I took absolutely no offense to this as it’s clear my car is a complete disaster, but I did think it might be time to clean it out.  A few weeks ago SMO wrote a post about the contents of her massive swim backpack so I thought I would document the contents of my 2006 Slate Grey Pontiac Vibe.

  • one child car seat
  • one box Pampers size 4 diapers that I have been too lazy to take inside
  • one cheap road tire for my trainer that I have also been too lazy to take inside  (note: above two items are still in car)IMG_0532
  • one pair Brooks Green Silence running shoes, size8. This shoe is discontinued and I seriously think they should bring it back.
  • one pair ugly orange cycling glasses
  • one Ergo baby carrier
  • one pair winter mittens
  • one pair baby shoes that haven’t fit my son for at least 16 months
  • 3 cycling water bottles
  • one toddler sippy cup
  • one Cheerio dusted Tupperware container
  • one bottle hairspray (I have no good reason for this)


  • one full can of San Pelegrino Clementine pop; 2% juice
  • one granola bar (note: above two items are also still in the car for emergency low blood sugar)
  • 8 paper coffee cups from two chain coffee shops
  • a large assortment of garbage, Cheerios, raisins and,
  • no less than 8 stainless steel coffee mugs. EIGHT.  (this is where promo items go to die)

Surprisingly, there was no triathlon specific crap in there.  It must be in my bag.

IMG_0527 IMG_0531IMG_0528


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