Triathlon Training Camps for regular folk.

I’ve written before about how professional triathletes use training camps to boost fitness in a short time; or at least I somewhat referred to that. But did you know training camps can be a great way for regular ole Joe and Jill to boost fitness also? Combine some killer workouts on a formidable island and you too can come home to crush the local climbs. Here are a few guidelines for running a training camp of your own.

Make sure your training camp has set rules such as: all runs should be completed in appropriate attire.IMG_0841 


During training rides, keep your focus on the task at hand. Looking around at scenery will only slow you down and no goat is worth slowing down for.

IMG_0871 IMG_0862

Make few stops during rides; only the most important coffee shops and pineapple shacks.


IMG_0834 IMG_1013

Rides should be attainable by all participants of the training camp.


Please shower before entering the pool.

IMG_0926poolSafety third is what I always say. Risks should be kept to a minimum.

IMG_0835Accommodation should be considered. You don’t want to be ending a long day on your bike by sweeping the sand out of your teepee.


Access to a watering hole for cooling off is nice to have also. Having one in your living room is ideal.

If food is provided, make sure it meets all your nutritional needs. I like to work outwards from the four major foods groups: barley, hops, yeast and ice cream.

IMG_0979 IMG_0832 IMG_0762 IMG_0725

Try to get along with your teammates. Blending different experience levels and personalities can be tough, but do your best to keep the atmosphere positive.

IMG_0977 IMG_0990 IMG_0987 IMG_1002 IMG_1012

Every good training camp should incorporate some basic strength and activation sessions. Treat these like any element of your training; with the utmost concentration.


Leave some time for rest and relaxation to be prepared both physically and mentally for the next session.

IMG_0996If your camp is away from home, don’t forget to thank the locals.

IMG_0984  IMG_0855If you could use a hand planning your next training camp drop me a line!


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