Just a regular day

PSA: This is not a post about Kona or running with or without your pants on. For that please tune into any social media channel of any other triathlete anywhere.

October huh. If you live in the Pacific North West, the arrival of October is the start of the end. Tri season up here is over. Sure, there are a few crazies that register for fall races in warmer climates, but for the most part we turn back into pumpkin spiced somethings.

Life gets back to its little routine:

  • swim in a 25m pool dodging the apple-picking sidestroker in the fast lane
  • run in the dark in the evenings with people that apparently don’t let their fitness plummet after August
  • get up at ungodly hours to teach indoor cycling because “Spinning” is trademarked
  • go to bed at 9:30 (actually, that one is pretty much year round)

Not that I could have it any other way. I’m not one of these people that can power through 12 months of triathlon training. Or even 10 months. I like a bit of change. I like being lazy. I like needing to buy new pants because Ironman weight was not a small adjustment.

Yep, up here these weeks are about having things to look forward to just to make it to Christmas. On my list are:

  • suffer through a half marathon in a few weeks to slow lower body expansion to a reasonable amount
  • suffer through Halloween which, in my house, means turn off the lights and pretend no one is home
  • cheer on my sister (remotely) in her first IM 70.3
  • cheer on my athlete, training partner and smallest best friend at Ironman Arizona (this time in person!)
  • do the snow dance nightly in hopes I get to ride the new skis I bought last year.

For today, however, I’ll settle with getting through some prime time TV that I missed last night. At least we have new episodes to look forward to. Will Juliette settle back down?  I’ll go find out.



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