No inspiration intended.

I’m just home from a run that I entitled “Running Sucks” on my Strava profile.  It does. It sucks.  As does swimming and at times, biking.  Basically I suck at sport.

Before I continue let’s get one thing straight: I’m not writing this to be some poster-girl for postpartum fitness and inspire thousands to get fit post baby.  I’m not meaning to be inspiring in the least.  Inspiring people ride unicorns to the organic market to buy spelt muffins and vegan smoothies.  I’m not that. I mostly want a record of how much I suck on this day so one day I might look back and marvel at how much things sucked.

I know baby E is only 2 months old.  That knowledge has not escaped me, but that doesn’t make this suck any less.  I also know I did it once before and I’ll get there, but that doesn’t make this suck any less.

To recap: I did an Ironman July 2015. On Sept 10, 2016 I rode 17km and it sucked.  I stopped 8k into the dead flat ride to catch my breath.  I cried when I got home.

I have managed to get on my bike 20 times since then and I think it’s sucking less.  I could possibly ride 30k again, but I haven’t tried due to the fear of getting 15k away and not making it home.  I treated myself to a power meter to help get back on track.  It tells me my watts are 100 low from where they once were.  Combine that with the 25lbs extra and it makes any hill look like Mt. Ventoux.  So I ride indoors a lot.  Usually while the kids nap which means the baby is getting used to salty milk and the 3 year old is getting used to Paw Patrol when he wakes up 20mins into a 45 min ride. It’s not ideal.

I have swum a total of 2500m in 3 months. I guess that makes sucking at swimming no surprise.

Running is the worst.  I run 2 minutes at a time and by the end of the 120 seconds my heart rate is at threshold and my body hurts.  Then I walk and try to run another 2 minutes. I probably shouldn’t even be running based on how loose some stuff feels, but mental health sometimes trumps physical health.

The definition of the slang version of suck: to be objectionable or inadequate.

So there’s my update. Training is objectionable and inadequate.


2 thoughts on “No inspiration intended.

  1. Karen

    Thanks for posting this.. I am dealing with crap training myself — although mine is due to health reasons. Most of my workouts suck! I can barely run and riding and swimming are a joke. We’ve all been there and all we can do is continue onward–one workout at a time.

  2. So, in 2014 I did an Oly tri. It was my big “I’m turning 40 and I’m going to lick this whole triathlon thing (after learning to swim/bike/run for sprints)”. I fell during my bike dismount, and crashed on my one ride after that. I haven’t been on my bike in over a year. And I went swimming once this year.

    Priorities shift, life changes; I still want to be one of those women who does IM and who isn’t afraid of falling every time she gets on her bike.

    My experience isn’t the same as yours, but I get how you feel too.

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