2016 and stuff.


The year people can’t wait to be over.

I’m not going to write some post about how many people died and why this was the worst year ever.  I’m also not going to write a counterpoint post about how awesome it was either.  If you read a few posts back, this was clearly not my favorite year (until Aug 19 of course.) My fellow blog pals (here, here, here, here, here, here, and here) are all writing about their successes in sport and life in 2016. Instead I’m going to tell you about my 2016 and 1998.  Why 1998?  Well, I just turned 36 years old and it blows my mind that it’s been 18 years.

1.       1998 was the year I graduated highschool and started university. I recall finding my first year science classes completely overwhelming at 400+ students per lecture.  I sat near the back and didn’t pay as much attention as I probably should have, considering I paid to be there.

2.       It’s been 18 years and I still don’t know what I should be when I grow up. On this note, I find it hard to fathom how I was supposed to know what to study at the age of 17.

3.       2016 was the year I took the most naps. I recall being the most tired ever.

4.       I spent my 18th birthday on a plane headed to South Africa, so it was a shortened day.

5.       I spent my 36th birthday in Whistler with my family.  It seemed like a long day and I was in bed at 9pm.

6.       18 is considered an adult.  I’m still waiting to feel like one despite having two kids. I drop my kids off at various activities at the community centre and feel intimidated by the other moms.  They seem like adults; I’m still driving a car with manual locks and often forget my underwear at the pool.

7.       19 is the drinking age in BC so in 1998 I was underage.  I used a friend’s ID to go to the bars on campus.  Once, her lab partner was the bouncer and he let me in anyways.

8.       I spent most of 2016 sober (hopefully for obvious reasons) and I missed beer most of all. I’m enjoying an ale as I type)

9.       Swimming was free for students at certain times at the university pool and thus began my development in the sport. The pool was also a favourite spot to study and by that, I mean the national swim team. 😉

10.   Swimming was my favorite thing to do in 2016, probably because I was rather buoyant.

11.   I got a pair of Roots Tuff boots for my birthday in 1998.  I threw them out only a few weeks ago.

12.   My favourite purchase of 2016 is the power meter for my tri bike despite it continually telling me how out of shape I am. 

13.   This summer I went to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I had never been before and although it seems like a nice place (ie. I don’t want to offend anyone) I have no plans to return. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more with beer.

14.   The movie “You’ve Got Mail” came out in 1998 and my hair stylist thought I’d look great with a short, sassy blond cut like Meg Ryan.  (Editors note: I think she was correct and I still have a similar style)

15.   No movies in 2016 have influenced my style of leggings and nice socks.

16. Despite lows of 2016, this is worth remembering:




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