Minimal wasted effort.

Hello again. Next up on the blog challenge with the gang (Hailey, Jen, Laurel, Christine, Caitlin, Elizabeth, Erin,) we take on“time management.”  I guess because we are all tri-nerds (or some type of athlete) with jobs and lives and stuff we somewhere got the idea that we should tell you fine folks how to “fit it all in.”  I know what you’re thinking at this point, “Liz, aren’t you a stay at home mom? Don’t you have all the time in the world to eat bon-bons and do the weekly crossword?”  Oh, of course I do!  I’ve already made a casserole, ironed the kids’ sheets, watched my favorite weekly soap and set my hair in curlers before sitting down to write this.  Just call me Betty Draper.


Or not.  I know I don’t have some fancy job or need to commute 2 hours a day, but my days are annoyingly disrupted.  A typical day involves some variation of: make coffee, nurse baby, chase toddler to get dressed, calm fussy baby, get toddler to [enter activity here], open computer, calm fussy baby, write one line of email, nurse baby, drink cold coffee, write another line of email…..etc. I can get things done, but in time snippets of about 6 minutes before I must drop everything to tend to the needs of a small human.

So how DO I get in workouts?  Again, I’m sure you are all thinking, “you can just workout while they nap.”  I do manage to ride when I only have the baby in my charge, but he often wins the fuss battle. I stop mid-ride a sweaty mess and attempt to not soak him while he feeds. Other workouts are done in the evenings or during the amazing 1.25 hours of kid-free time I employ once a week.  I use this 75 minutes to strut around the gym like I own the place, despite the back fat escaping my tank top and that I could probably do my whole workout with a single 8lb dumbbell. I do enough that I’m effectively crippled for days.

I do have one real advantage when it comes to time management. I’m lazy. “How would being lazy help get MORE done,” you ask?  Simple. I need to be efficient.  In fact, I have honestly considered studying to become an efficiency expert.  Nothing drives me more crazy than someone taking extra steps to complete a task. One of the greatest inventions for people like me has been the self checkout at markets and drugstores.  I’m all over that shit. Scan, place item, scan, place item, complete transaction, out.

Other points of efficiency in my life: I wear one of three outfits daily, I eat standing up, I brush my teeth while doing the laundry, I clean the bathroom while I shower, I have a strict 2:1 workout to shower ratio and most importantly, I have remarkably few f#$ks to give. Giving even one f#$k that the house needs vacuuming, the fridge is housing food from last summer or my eyebrows need plucking would take away from the more fulfilling parts of life.  Nope, I efficiently refuse to give a f#$k about all the things that don’t make me happy.

“Be lazier to get more done” – Liz Cullen 2017